If you require Visa to enter Ireland please do so in time.

Read underneath how to proceed:

The type of visa which applicants should apply for will depend on the
reason for travel. Further information in relation to the visa application
process can be accessed at the following link:

The first step of the visa application process is the completion of an
online application form, which can be accessed at the link above.  Once
complete, the applicant must print off the summary application form, sign
and date it, and submit the application to the appropriate office along
with all the required supporting documentation. Full contact details for
the appropriate office will be detailed on the summary application form.

The website of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Services contains
comprehensive guidelines to assist the applicant with the application
process. The documentation needed for each application type can be found by
choosing the appropriate visa option:

The information contained on the website is for guidance purposes only and
does not limit the discretion of the Visa Officer in dealing with
individual applications. Therefore, all information that the applicant
wishes to have taken into consideration should be included with the visa

The processing times for visa applications will vary depending on the type
of application, the number of applications lodged and the time it takes for
the application to reach the office processing the application. Applicants
should allow as much time as possible when applying for a visa but a
minimum time of 8 weeks is recommended. Please note that due to the long
term nature of “join family” applications and the processing which is
associated with those applications that it can take around 6 months to
process.The current processing times for applications processed in Dublin
are here => .
The office processing the application (if not the Dublin Visa Office) will
have more details about its processing times.

A visa is only a form of pre-entry clearance to seek permission to enter
Ireland. There is no automatic right of entry and the exact period for
which s/he is allowed to remain, will be a matter for the Immigration
Officer at the point of entry.

Kind regards,

Visa Customer Services
Visa Office, Dublin
Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service

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